About Us


ZIPPERSOURCE is a zipper manufacturer, specializing in hard-to-find zippers, not generally available in fabric or notion stores. We differ from every other company that sells or distributes zippers...
because we are the source that makes the zippers.

We have the ability to make virtually any type of zipper, in any length and in a wide variety of materials and colors. We have NO minimum order. You may order just one, custom made zipper. ZIPPERSOURCE makes exactly what you need—not from stock purchased elsewhere and resold to you.

We can produce zippers for sleeping bags, campers, leather jackets, raincoats, boots, heavy winter coats, boat top covers, SUV enclosures, chaps or just about any other item or application that requires a zipper closure. We manufacture zippers from metal teeth, molded teeth or coil teeth in various styles and configurations and any length you require.

We also offer continuous zipper chain, sliders and stops. This is very convenient for those applications that require endless zipper material to be sewn into cushions, futons, bags, pillows and so many other items requiring endless zipper material.

After reviewing our site, should you have any questions or need professional, honest suggestions for the proper zipper for your specific application, please email or call us at 847-385-0770.

ZIPPERSOURCE is the custom made zipper specialists.

All zippers are made with American ingenuity and American labor in suburban Chicago.

If your requirements call for quantities of a minimum of 50 pieces of exactly the same zipper (same style, color and length), please visit www.lenzip.com.