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May I order just one (1) zipper?

Yes, we have no minimum order requirement. 

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How long does it take to receive my order?

Cut-to-length zippers are made in about 10-14 days. You must allow a few days for delivery. Generally, you should receive your order in 12-16 days. 

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What is your guarantee?

Zippersource stands behind every zipper that we sell. All zippers and zipper components are guaranteed for the life of the zipper. If the zipper ever fails, Zippersource will replace the zipper at no charge upon the return of the defective zipper. 

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What if I need help to place my order or have a specific question?

Simply call us at (847) 385-0770 with any questions you many have about your order or certain zipper applications. We are here to help you. You many also e-mail any questions to info@zippersource.com

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Can you make zippers to any length?

Yes, we can make zippers from 2" long to 4,000" long.

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Can you dye colors to match existing fabrics?

Sorry, we have no dying capabilities, we purchase our raw material already dyed. 

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What if I ordered the wrong zipper or the incorrect length or color?

All zippers are individually made based on your specific requirements. We do not stock zippers ready-made ahead of time. Zippers are not returnable for exchange, refund or credit if you misorder. 

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Do you sell invisible zippers or light weight dress zippers in various colors?

We do not offer any invisible zippers or light weight dress zippers. These are basically the only types of zippers we do not sell. 

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Where are the zippers made?

Zippersource prides itself with American ingenuity and labor. All zippers are made in suburban Chicago and are constructed from high quality materials quite different than those zippers typically found on foreign made garments. Zippersource does not manufacture "disposable" zippers made of inferior components. 

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