Zipper Definitions

Descriptive Names of Zippersource Quality Zippers

Non-Separating Type

Also Called Closed End

Separating (Jacket Type)

Also Called Open End



Definitions You Should Know to Assist You in Determining Your Zipper Needs

CHAIN: The continuous piece that is formed when both halves of a zipper are meshed together.

CHAIN SIZE: Refers to the specific gauge of the chain, i.e., size of the teeth.

TEETH: The individual elements that make up the chain.

SLIDER: The device that moves up and down the chain to open or close the zipper.

PULL TAB: The part of the slider that you hold to move the slider up or down.

MATERIAL: Refers to the type of chain that is used in the construction of the zipper, such as, metal chain, molded plastic chain or coil (nylon) chain.

TAPE: The fabric part of the zipper.

TAPE WIDTH: Refers to the width of the fabric on one side only, of the zipper chain.

TAPE ENDS: The fabric part of the zipper that extends beyond the teeth, at the top and / or bottom of the chain.

STYLE: Refers to the manner in which the zipper is assembled for a particular application.

TOP STOP: Two devices affixed to the bottom end of a zipper, to prevent the slider from coming off the chain.

BOTTOM STOP: A device affixed to the bottom end of a zipper, to prevent further movement of the half of the zipper from separating.

BRIDGE STOP: A device similar to a bottom stop, used at the top and of a zipper to prevent each half of the zipper from separating.

PIN: A device used on a separating (jacket type) zipper whose function is to allow the joining of the two zipper halves.

BOX: A device used on a separating (jacket type) zipper whose function is to correctly align the pin, to begin the joining of the zipper halves.

HEAT SEAL PATCH: The laminated material fused to the bottom end of a separating zipper, used to reinforce the tape.

WATER RESISTANT ZIPPERS: Zipper that has a water resistant barrier, usually made of a thin film of polyurethane, that is fused onto the zipper fabric. Based upon the material type, this film may be applied on one side or both sides of the zipper, depending upon manufacturing concerns.

HEAT-SEALABLE ZIPPERS (WELDABLE LAMINATED ZIPPERS): Any zipper that has a strip of plastic fused to each half of the zipper tape to allow a manufacturer to electronically "weld" the zipper onto the garment or item that is being manufactured, without the need of sewing or stitching.

CONTINUOUS CHAIN: Any material or size of zipper chain that is continuously spooled without sliders or any other components. Typically used by fabricators on a cut-as-need basis.

CUT-TO-LENGTH ZIPPERS: (Finished Zippers) Any zipper that is finished to a specific length, with all necessary components attached.