Standard slider used on jackets and/or open end (separating) zippers. Autolock sliders are manufactured with a small locking mechanism inside the body of the slider. This locking device keeps the slider from moving on the zipper until the pull tab releases the locking pin from its home position nestled between the zipper teeth.

Applications: Jackets or coats that would typically use a zipper in the front of the garment. Any other item that requires the slider to stay in place until the zipper is used.

Nonlock Long Pull

Large pull with generous hole at bottom of the pull.

Applications: Typically used on bags or items that would not require a locking slider. Suitable for any type of backpack or outdoor gear, tents, luggage or bags.


Nonlock Short Pull

Nonlock slider body with smaller pull and generous size hole.

Applications: Any application requiring a nonlock function slider but where a smaller pull is desired.

Autolock Bell Pull

Same functionality as the standard autolock slider with a bell shaped pull. Generous hole in pull allows fabric or fob to be attached to pull for decoration or for easier accessibility of slider.

Applications: May be used on zippers for front of garments or purses or along the leg openings on coveralls.


Autolock Ring Pull

Same functionality as the standard autolock slider, with a 1" inside diameter ring pull.

Applications: Perfect slider to use in applications where gloves are often worn or any other application where an easy-to-grab pull is desired.

Nonlock Chain Pull

Stylish nonlock slider with decorative chain and ring pull.

Applications: Typically used on the inside of purses or used on pockets of coats. Not recommended for open end (separating) zippers.


Autolock Wire Pull


Large wire pull that allows for easy application of leather or fabric "thong". Slider functions the same as a standard autolock slider.

Applications: Leather apparel or other garments/items that would benefit from the use of a fabric swatch tied onto the slider pull.

TS Pull

Standard locking function as found in the autolock slider family. Stylish pull.

Applications: Used on zippers found on sweaters, light-weight garments and purses.



Nonlock slider body with smaller pull.

Applications: Any application requiring a nonlock function slider but where a smaller pull is desired.

Nonlock Flip Pull

Nonlocking slider body with one pull that "flips" around to the opposite side.

Applications: Typically used on reversible outerwear and removable liners in jackets.


Nonlock Double Pull

Standard nonlocking body with two pulls.

Applications: Used on any application that requires access from both sides of the zipper such as tents or windows on fabric or vinyl auto tops.

Bank Bag Pinlock

Pinlock function slider body with large hole affixed to the top of the slider body. When pull is in the down position, a small padlock or other locking device may be inserted through the hole, preventing the pull from being raised and therefore keeping the slider from moving on the zipper chain. Raising the pull disengages the locking pin and allows the slider to operate the zipper. 

Applications: Any item that requires security and/or where the user does not want the unauthorized opening of the zipper.


Autolock Long Pull

Standard autolock body with long, rounded pull. Generous size hole in pull allows easy attachment of fabric fob.

Applications: Jackets, casual wear or any apparel where a larger, easy to grab pull is desired.


Locking slider body with a thinner profile than a standard autolock slider.

Applications: The most common application for this slider is found on the front of jeans.


Universal Clip

Autolock slider body with hook designed to accommodate a variety of fashion pulls and/or accessories. Spring design allows for easy attachment of pull accessory.

Applications: Any item or garment where a fashion accessory can be easily attached to the slider pull.

Nonlock Wire Pull

Similar design to the autolock wire pull slider, without the autolock function.

Applications: Bags or fabric goods that would benefit from a slider with a thong or fabric swatch is attached to slider for ease of use.